The Rise of the Mini Cocktail

The Rise of the Mini Cocktail

We've seen a few examples of mini cocktails recently that have blown us away. The new hot take on the "Cocktail for 2", The Mini Cocktail is not a substitute for a full cocktail, but a fun, impulse selection in-between drinks that leaves guests surprised and delighted. Mini Cocktails can also increase your average ticket as guests will order them in addition to their regular drinks. Guests who otherwise aren’t drinking that evening may partake in a mini cocktail due to the smaller size, also adding to the evenings totals.

Mini-Cocktail Guidelines:

  1. Mini Cocktails must be hand-made, no batch cocktails allowed.
  2. The Mini-Cocktail is a conversation piece
  3. Must be served in an unusual/creative vessel or glass
  4. Allow guest to try something new they can share with their friends
  5. Unexpected Garnish and Presentation for Social Media sharing are key
  6. Mini Cocktails must be priced 40%-50% lower than the standard cocktail.


  1. A Baby Martini w/ one olive
  2. Smoky Mezcal Cocktail (for sipping), served in a shooter glass

Guests want to learn about new spirits, but they can often be too strong for the average patron. Giving them an opportunity to have a small taste in a Mini-Cocktail lets them enjoy a personalized beverage without feeling stuck in their risky decision to try something new. Note that this is different than a Flight, which can also be too overwhelming when trying something new.