Please...No More Digital Menus

Please...No More Digital Menus

The digital menu screen has taken over fast-casual and QSR ordering experiences.  Why?

Many like the streamlined, tech-like nature of the screens that theoretically allow for ease of changing out menus. Our experience and research, however, tells us otherwise and we've developed a list of reasons to consider before jumping on board to install TV menus.

Reason 01: Most Owners are not equipped with the proper team to utilize the screens to their full potential.

Do you have a solid graphics team on staff, capable of creating new content that is legible and properly fits the screen proportions? All screens are not created equally. Additionally, a large part of the graphic design process for digital menus involves investigating the physical screen size, screen locations, and mounting height within a restaurant space, determining the proper guest viewing angle and "sweet spot". Does your team know this? Is this recorded for future use?

Reason 02: Does your menu actually change?

Most QSR models have a standard menu with seasonal features that doesn't change more than once per quarter. Are you willing to hire/engage a graphics team regularly to create new seasonal content? There can be a cost savings to simply printing new menus once per quarter.

Reason 03: Your Guests Can't See (And they're tired of looking at screens)

If you're intent is to promote visuals of your offerings (like Boba, Smoothies, Juice, and so on), digital menus could work well. Featuring video and photo content of highly colorful menu options can be enticing. However, these type of menu offerings are usually targeted for a younger guest profile--younger people with good eyesight.

In contrast, it's important to remember that many people need glasses and have trouble reading detailed text off a monitor. Steeped in the truth that we all look at far too many screens a day, it can be most unhospitable to force your guests to squint and decipher tiny text on a screen 10 feet away. Improper placement and utilization of screens can lead to delays at the POS, with sight-challenged guests asking menu questions that they simply couldn't see.

We advise that you consider your goals and operations resources prior to assuming that menu screens will solve your problems.